AppYourBrand Iphone, Ipad and Android

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AppYourBrand Iphone, Ipad and Android


Lets create the App for your brand and bring your followers to your world.

3 Apps published for you in the App Store for your brand.

Iphone App, Ipad App and Android App

App features

  • Fully customizable Video Content Module, supports youtube, vimeo, as well as private video uploads from your phone.
  • Video monetize feature: Subscription, on-demand, rentals and free videos as well.
  • Apple pay and In-App subscriptions for the Iphone and Ipad App
  • Android Pay for the Android App
  • Share Feature (users can share app with friends)
  • Feedback feature (users can submit feedback or feature requests to you)
  • Booking/Contact: Users/fans can contact you directly
  • Unlimited Support
  • Monthly updates. (latest app features are updated monthly)
  • Full App analytics (see who's downloading, what they are watching, and where they are coming from, what devices they are using e.t.c)
  • App Store Management, we take care of all the back and forth drama with Apple App store submission issues/requests. You focus on making money with your content.